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    Single Cedar Valley

  • Single Cedar Valley was created in 2018 as a way to connect local singles in person through speed dating and mixer events. Make new friends or find a romantic spark!

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    Singles Night on the Patio


    Come, connect with other local singles in person. Play games & enjoy appetizers & drinks on the patio!


    Open to: men seeking women & men seeking men, ages 25-49

    Tickets: $25 includes admission & appetizers- attendees may purchase drinks


    To signup:
    1. Fill out this quick form:


    2. Send payment to:
    Venmo: Catherine-Potter-22
    PayPal: catmpotter@gmail.com
    or, request to pay by card

    See you there!!


    No refunds - all tickets can be applied to a credit for a future event in the case notice is given of not being able to attend

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    1 on 1 Love & Dating Coaching



    • Single or navigating a breakup 
    • Desiring for healthier and happier relationships 
    • In a situationship or relationship where you feel "stuck," uncertain or unfulfilled  
    • Ready to say "yes" to divine Love 
    • In a partnership where you notice some patterns and behaviors arising & desire to focus on improving your dynamic  
    • Interested in elevating your personal relationships 
    • Willing to self reflect and do the inner work to take control of your relationships


    • To cultivate your own energy & develop self love 
    • To increase your confidence 
    • To help you find clarity 
    • To empower you to create space for the deeply fulfilling romantic partnership you crave & desire 
    • To release yourself from victim mentality to become to hero/heroine of your own life 
    • To gain internal validation & security 
    • To develop more respect/trust with others 
    • To renew your faith in relationships 
    • To become deeply acquainted with your most inner desires & learn to honor them with intention 
    • To energetically open up to receive mutually reciprocated, divine love  
    • To understand more deeply what a conscious relationship feels like 
    • To identify energy blocks/leakages 
    • To break through limiting beliefs 
    • To gain strength to exit toxic cycles 
    • To develop positive self talk & mindset 
    • To create boundaries to honor yourself 
    • To reframe the past as a blessing 
    • To build a vision of your future partner 
    • To view rejection as redirection  
    • To understand your worth and act accordingly  
    • To gain tools for navigating dating relationships

    $222 for M-F daytime hours

    $333 for night/weekends


    Reach out to talk more!

    (319) 290-2269